5minutefridayMonths ago I stumbled upon this wonderful little idea called “Five Minute Friday”. The concept is so unique. Each Friday a group of women flow to the blog of Lisa-Jo Baker to receive a specific writing prompt.

The prompt is just one word. A word to spark an idea in our heads. At the start of a timer we have no more than five minutes to string together an array of words – bursting forth from the corners of our minds. It’s a lesson that teaches us to let go of perfection and embrace the idea of writing. No editing. Just raw words to step across the pages of our blogs and out into the streets of a virtual world to be shared with others.

This week, the prompt is “Friend” and you’ll find it here.

Without further ado – here is my very first Five Minute Friday post. It’s dedicated to so many good friends throughout the years who have shared such laughter with me.



I love laughter with my friend.

You know…the one they can’t hold back. That’s when you know you’ve reached a comfort level you didn’t have before. Where something is so ridiculously funny and, as important as coming up for air is, we can’t seem to manage it. Gasping, laughing, crying, laughing, faces turning red, laughing – until the moment one of us almost wets our pants.

It could be over a sound that one of us made. A comment that was spoken. Perhaps a silly facial expression. Sometimes you don’t even remember the reason that sparked the laughter in the first place. Once it begins and you’re in the moment you just enjoy being real together in something so blissfully uncontrollable that nothing else matters.

It etches it in your memory as being one of the “good times” that you shared. Oh, we remember the rough times, but the laughter stands out in our memory in such a powerful way that the trials and tribulations don’t hold a candle to it.

Cheeks are hurting now as we wipe the tears from our eyes and give a long sigh – in hopes of filling our lungs with the air that we need to survive.

It’s good for the soul. We’re relaxed now and we can say anything. The ice is broken and everything is on a whole new level.

Just me and my friend and the laughter we share. A gift that is given in spite of the mess of this world that wants to stomp the laughter out of us. A world that wants to keep us in tears and separated from one another.

But we don’t listen. We continue to meet, and talk and laugh and let that feeling tear down the walls that would rather keep us apart.

I love that laughter with my friend.

And so does she…