busy meets rest smallerSo as I fast-forward several days I can relish in the fact that this evening is slower paced. There is no frantic running around. No mowing of the yard. No fixing a flat tire. No grabbing Wendy’s through the drive-thru.

There’s plenty to be done, mind you. A family of six never gets bored. (Unless, of course, you ask one of my children…)

But tonight is different. As I stand in the kitchen cutting up veggies and prepping steaks I can take it all in. I sip iced tea as I listen to the kids playing outside while Dad fires up the grill. Enjoying the calm in the middle of this perfect storm we call life.

This is a teaching moment. And I am learning as I go.

And if May has taught me anything at all it’s that sometimes we have to hold onto our seats. Sometimes the ride is wild and the wind blows our hair back a little farther than we’d like. Yet it makes me appreciate the moments when we set aside the crazy and pick up the peace. We choose to rest in each other. We choose time to abstain from the busy.

Tomorrow, we will pick up the pace again. Not necessarily with work but with the hustle and bustle of life. Misplaced shoes, stacks of laundry, groceries to buy and birthday parties to attend.

Life with six resumes.

But right now, rest with six settles in. And that’s pretty comfy, indeed.


Today I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman for “What We Learned” – the month of May.