5minutefridayEach Friday a group of women flow to the blog of Lisa-Jo Baker to receive a specific writing prompt.

The prompt is just one word. A word to spark an idea in our heads. At the start of a timer we have no more than five minutes to string together an array of words – bursting forth from the corners of our minds. It’s a lesson that teaches us to let go of perfection and embrace the idea of writing. No editing. Just raw words to step across the pages of our blogs and out into the streets of a virtual world to be shared with others.

And that is Five Minute Friday.

This week, the prompt is “Messenger” and you’ll find it here. So link up and join the fun!



God doesn’t always speak through the Holy Spirit. Sometimes He sends someone. They look you in the eyes and say what you needed to hear. It can be a breath of fresh air. It can be a huge blow to the ego.

Regardless, I am grateful for the messenger.

This time she spoke softly, calmly, gently. She wanted me to know what caused the fear. The fear of being heard. Because sometimes being heard is hard.

I listen, I process, I don’t speak. I hang on to the words, frightened to hear them slip from my mouth. Dismayed because they won’t let me speak.

But I write. And then I’m heard. …is that enough?

The messenger doesn’t think so. She knows I have a voice. I do, too.

Do I retreat and stay where it’s safe? Familiar? Or do I step boldly over the hurdles in front of me and let that voice be heard?

This is why I love the messenger. To shake me out of this stupor as I walk circles…unaware. To shed light on what I could not see. And then I grasp it hard and turn it over in my hands, examining every detail and wondering “what now?”

I’m still the same – but mindful. The messenger gives me hope. The messenger is used by Him to show me who I am. Whose I am. And that I don’t need to be afraid…



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