5minutefridayEach Friday a group of women flow to the blog of Lisa-Jo Baker to receive a specific writing prompt.

The prompt is just one word. A word to spark an idea in our heads. At the start of a timer we have no more than five minutes to string together an array of words – bursting forth from the corners of our minds. It’s a lesson that teaches us to let go of perfection and embrace the idea of writing. No editing. Just raw words to step across the pages of our blogs and out into the streets of a virtual world to be shared with others.

And that is Five Minute Friday.

This week, the prompt is “Belong” and you’ll find it AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION THIS WEEK… The marvelous Crystal Stine will be hosting #FMFParty as Lisa-Jo is sans Internet. Join us here.



To belong. We all want that. Don’t we? Certainly I can’t be the only one. To be welcomed. To be loved. To be chosen. To be wanted. …all of those tell me that I belong.

But what happens when they don’t welcome us? Don’t want us to belong. When we fail to be loved in return of loving them. To not be chosen when we’ve always chosen them. To be unwanted when we were wanting…

The circle closes without us and we’re not inside. We’re watching as their backs are turned to us, the perimeter sealed shut by arms that aren’t inviting us in.

It’s rough when we don’t belong. It’s tough to be outside that circle.

But there’s this light, you see. It calls us away from the desperate cry of “why not” and embraces us into another circle. Another perimeter. This one welcomes me, loves me, chooses me…wants me.

This circle is reserved for me. It’s my place with Him and He keeps me close. To Him…I am “very good.” To Him…he cares enough for me to give eternal life.

Not because He has to. Just because He loves me. And because He wants me to belong…



See? Now wasn’t that fun? Tell me about “belong” in the comments below – or link up at Crystal’s blog.