5minutefridayIt’s a bit of a bittersweet day as we say goodbye to our host for Five Minute Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker. I came late to this party. Had no idea there was such a thing until I stumbled into the community much less than a year ago. I stood back and watched closely. These women who poured out raw words and bonded with each other. Wow. I wanted to play, too.

But I was apprehensive. Could I do this?

I knew the answer, but still a little unsure. It was a challenge, not to overthink.

Scary? Yes.

It still is.

The perfectionist in me says it must take this. much. time. That eyes should pass over it once, twice, three times. Or more.

But when you embrace it – the five minutes and no more – and STICK TO IT – with no cheating…it’s liberating. And it’s good. Cuz it’s you. There’s no time to make it flow like someone else. No time to fashion a costume on it and fool the world.

Raw words posted out there for the world to see. Pairs of eyes landing on them to tell you what they think.

Scary? Yes.

Worth it? Even more so…

So today marks the end of the era that I haven’t known long, but many of these women most certainly have. I just have to shed a little tear with them. But only for tiny endings that really aren’t endings at all. There is a dawn and there is someone who will carry this torch brilliantly, lighting the way for us all to continue what she started.

And I’m ok with that. I’m all into this community now and I can’t imagine going anywhere. Grateful for Lisa-Jo. For Kate. For all the ladies. For the words that just come in 300 seconds…

Scary? Yes. But I love this.

So for the last #fmfparty with Lisa-Jo as our host, I give you…


There’s always a fresh page when you begin. Whitespace is intimidating and I feel more comfortable when I see something on it. Words covering it up swiftly. Good words. Captivating words. Until the white begins to disappear and my breathing is restored to calm. Satisfying. I no longer feel the pressure of the whitespace because I can’t see it.

But this beginning didn’t start with whitespace. It was filled with words already. People. Relationships. Hashtags. Stories. Tears. Laughter. Memories.

How amazing to have a beginning that’s already begun.

How often does that happen? To walk into something new, but familiar. Like a new pair of shoes from a thrift store. New to you, but worn in and comfortable from the last owner.

Or walking into a new friend’s place where you can already make yourself at home. You’ve seen this coffee table before. The one you put your feet on. You know where the tea pot is and you can help yourself to a cup. It’s comfortable. Existing. Your grandmother’s meatloaf recipe that you tweaked just a tiny bit.

But it’s fresh.

“Begin” just won’t do. Because nothing is over. Nothing is new. Not really.

It just…continues. With a slight change of scenery.

And I breathe a sigh of relief. Because finish frightened us last week. Made us sad and confused and a little panicky. For what?

Welcome, Kate. Our hats are off to you, because you’re going to be great. Thank you for using your space to host Five Minute Friday.

Just make sure you keep the kettle hot… 😉


Thank you, Lisa-Jo, for all that you’ve done to inspire us fellow word lovers. We’re indebted. Blessings to you, friend.