Willow ReachesI’ve taken a little sabbatical from Five Minute Friday over the last month or so.  Ever since I returned from the Declare Conference I’ve been in a little bit of a “wild obedience” bubble. Doing my best to silence the noise around me and grasp onto whatever I hear God whispering.

About that…

I’ve had a lot of moments throughout the last few years where I would constantly second guess God’s direction for me.  “Did I hear that correctly?” I would ask and then wait.

And wait some more…

The silence would then have me assuming that I’d heard wrong and I just needed to carry on with the original plan.  My original plan.

But if I learned anything at that conference (and I learned a lot) it was that when God speaks and we comply without hesitation – He. Moves. Big.

So as I resurface this week to write about reach I have to reflect on what that word has meant to me and what it means to me now. I hope you can relate…




I’ve never been one to extend the reach far enough to grasp something before someone else did. God did not give me a competitive spirit. Or perhaps He did, but I’d suppress the want through a mile long list of insecurities.

I’d ask questions like:

What will you do if your foot hits the finish line first? 

What if you answer that question before anyone else and you’re wrong?

How will your life change if you get that promotion?

Reaching has never been written onto my list of aspirations.

I know you’re wondering why because it certainly wasn’t the reaching part itself.  It was always the thought of what would come after the reach that would hold me back.


Fear of the unknown. Fear of setting an expectation so high that I could never reach it again on my own.

On my own. Not His.

I’ve relied entirely too much on my own strength over the years which has left me exhausted and, ironically, reaching for something other than Him.

Another cup of tea to send stamina to my limbs. A good book to take the edge off. My pillow when I just can’t hold my head up any longer.

So I stare at my hand and wonder, “When are you going to get this reaching thing right?” It’s as simple as holding it out and grasping His. Whatever I do, I should do well.  And then if my foot does hit the line first, if my question is wrong or if that promotion seems daunting it won’t matter.

Because even after I reacheven if there’s a fall that follows – His catch will always be there to cushion the impact.  Not my will but His. Not on my strength but His.

I’m learning to love the reach. Slowly. Surely.



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