This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is on the word blue.

I have to admit, that this prompt was hard. First, because writing about the word blue is just hard, ya’ll. And second…when I finally knew what to write about it was an emotionally difficult topic. Never a day goes by that I don’t think of my grandpa…with his soft blue eyes. He was special. So very, very special.




Blue were the color of your eyes as you sang “The Gambler” to me to lull me to sleep at night.

Blue was the shade of the hat you used to wear when you’d sweep the deck…over and over because the lake house had so many trees that gifted you with their leaves.

Blue trim hugged the edges of my Miss Piggy swimsuit. The one you used to say was your favorite.

Blue was the color of my room back home. That place I’d return to every Sunday night after visiting you.

Blue was how I felt when I was away from you…

You were my favorite, you know. So encouraging to me as I grew into a young woman. You were never angry with me. At least you didn’t show it. I knew just how much you loved me by the way you spoke life into me.

Always smiling. Except when I’d make crazy concoctions in the kitchen that you’d have to clean up. I was good at that, wasn’t I?

You told me you were proud of me. You told me a lot. I miss that now…more than you’ll ever know.

It’s been years now since you went to be with Him. Almost ten now, is it?

Sadness falls over me when I think of it. Never to see your blue eyes again here on earth. Never to hear your voice singing to me.

But someone else has your blue eyes now. A little boy in the mix of our three little girls. How I think of you when I see those eyes and am grateful God gave them to another.  …you’d love him, you know. He has a heart like yours.

You were “Jake” to many. “Blue eyes” to others. But to me…you were just “Grandpa.”

And I’ll never forget you.



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