at ten

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is on the word ten. This one had me scratching my head forever. I kept trying to think of a top ten list to share and kept coming up empty.

So…this is what the muse carried in. And I kinda love it.




We were approaching ten years. We’d been together longer…since high school. But ten years of marriage was upon us. Life together started out pretty rocky. Selfish kids, living together before tying the knot – trying to deal with each other’s baggage.

Jesus who? That was my mantra in the beginning.

Not by choice, really. But that’s part of my testimony and one that I’ll share in detail another time.

But we’d found Him again. Together. It was a beautiful thing.

So much so that we wanted to celebrate that second chance. That saving grace when He wrapped His arms around our marriage and carried us through that first decade, even when we were unaware of His presence. But He was there…

And we wanted to renew our vows to show Him just how serious we were about this commitment we’d made.

So there in the church that we called home we stood in front of a few close friends and a minister who is nothing short of a second father to us both. There was love that day and lots of it. The giving and the taking of love.

Our lives would never be the same.

As we drove off that night for a few days to ourselves, leaving the littles at home being spoiled by Grandma, we couldn’t help but talk throughout the entire two and a half hour drive. We talked about how far we’d come. We talked about what a gift He’d given us.

We talked about how we almost didn’t make it.

I guess you could say that we almost gave up on us. Gave up on Him.

But He had us in His hands the whole time… Never letting go through all ten of those years.

So ten is special to me. Ten was proof that anything could be held together by Jesus.

Ten is something I will never forget.


Thank you, Kate Motaung. I never saw this one coming and so far I think it might be one of my favorites…


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