fist bump


I know it’s been awhile. As I sit here, once again familiarizing myself with the keys, I have to wonder if I can rediscover my flow or if I’m in and out again for a one-hit-wonder. I’ll be frank, you guys, not writing is hard for me, but I’ve been through a real deal with this blog. Blogging isn’t hard work – but maintaining it proved to be too much for me.

When it first went down five months ago – and then six times over the coarse of the three months following – I can honestly say that I was ready to just quit. Throw in the towel and move on to something else out of spite. After walking away from a technical job back in April the very last thing I wanted to do was get myself knee deep in the semantics of keeping this guy up and running. I just wanted to sit down when it was convenient and hit publish. Boom!

I whined and complained to my husband who simply took my flailing hands in his and said “so stop trying to maintain it on your own. Give it over to someone else and just write. That’s what you wanted to do to begin with, isn’t it?”

I have a love/hate relationship for when he’s right…

However, it took me some time to truly hear his words. I was listening intently to my own silent reasoning. “You don’t get a paycheck anymore. You really shouldn’t spend the money this way.”

Thankfully my husband squelched that idea before it could blossom into a novel of self-pity.

So as I laid aside my reasoning and sent an email to Fistbump Media to chat about my problem. I had a new web host without any fuss – faster than I could blink – for an incredibly reasonable price.

People, I am dancing now. Like, the Macarena in yoga pants across my living room floor.

Don’t. Judge.

Dan King at Fistbump was the most gracious, informative, efficient person I have ever worked with. He quickly answered all of my questions as well as many I hadn’t even had the chance to ask.

So here’s my short and sweet post to plug his company: If you’re in the market for web design, a hosting plan – or even some re-hosting/re-design, I am halfway begging you to check Fistbump out. I know that you won’t be disappointed!

This gives me segue into my next point.

During all of this change, many of you have asked if I’ve stopped blogging. No, I most definitely haven’t. But I needed to take some time away from it. The hassle of trying to continuously secure and maintain my space all those months was a nightmare. The change that I’ve gone through this year has been…extremely eventful, emotional and unbelievably …some other e-word I can’t remember.

I needed a break to do more micro-blogging than blogging. I needed a break to journal my thoughts out of the public eye. I needed a break to process through visiting a Third World country. I needed a break to embrace a little bit of public speaking that I’m cautiously stepping into. (Teaser: Girlfriend Cafe in 2016)

So here’s my inaugural post this side of Fistbump Media. There will be more of “This Side of Grace” thanks to Dan King.

Kudos to you, buddy!