While I don’t participate in Five Minute Friday as often as I used to, I decided to come on over and join in tonight, despite having no idea how I was going to begin. I’m glad that I did because, for me, some of my most comforting writing is unpolished, unedited words that are rather elusive to the reader. It gets things off my heart that normally might be stuck there for ages as I search for a more politically correct way to voice something. Tonight was no exception, but between you and me I had no idea what I wanted to write about. I grabbed the prompt and this is what came out.

As you read, keep in mind these things: Jealousy and comparison are vehicles for disaster. Within our close circles, our mom groups and ministry events, our work environments or scrapbooking events, our birthday parties or girls-night-out shindigs…any occasion when we have the opportunity to build another woman up should be fulfilled. Never stolen or withheld because we might fuel a fire that would cause their flames to far surpass our own. It’s an epidemic. And one that continues to spread and choke the life out of our sisters everywhere.

So the next time you notice a good thing – a gentle thing or positive thing. Some patience or kindness or faithfulness of any kind…stop sizing it up and just speak life into her.

Enough is enough, already.

Join me below for my five minutes of “share.”




It’s late now. But the text flashes on the screen sitting just nearby and I stretch to reach it despite droopy eyes. Soft words of encouragement stare up at me and I’m finding myself grateful they wanted to share. I’m more awake now, as life-giving words tend to do that to me.

It’s easy to skip it, you know? To birth motivational words in our minds and then take two steps back as we decide to withhold them. Why do some do this more than others? Jealousy? Acts of comparison? What’s at the root of someone who fails to share good words?

Strongholds come to mind. The ones that keep us from loving everyone in that agape fashion. We feel inclined to stay in our inner circle – “no risks for me, thank you.” Until the need arises and they begin to reach out only to find that the rest of the crowd has moved on. Old friends aren’t friends anymore because the dust formed on those words that should’ve been spoken.

…shouldn’t have been withheld.

Should have been shared.

Or is it out of fear of losing a certain ground? Make no mistake, this game of King of the Mountain gets rougher as adults, as they fight to keep their territory. It builds up frustration and sweat forms on the brow as they stop the encouragement…because those words could be the fuel needed to take them out. It’s better to keep a thumb over us, or strong-arm us to the ground. For if we come to terms with who we are we might know the potential put in us through Him.

And maybe we’ll never know our true potential. Maybe.

…because they never shared it with us.

Never built us up and filled us full with words laid out so ready to be shared. No recognition for a job well done. No friendly support. No spiritual guidance or a “me too” when we’re feeling let down and run down and shut down – just wanting some company in the rough moment we’re in.

Because, sometimes, we just want them to share the love. To get down on their knees with us to share their hearts when ours are hurting. And to hang on to our every word as we share what’s on ours.

Isn’t it time we just share?



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