PrayerWe took to our knees late that evening, tired from the length of the day. One of us, a stay-at-home mom, had four little ones not far away who were heading to bed following Daddy’s stories. The other, a schoolteacher, with her own brood tucked into the covers as well. And, last but not least, our single friend with the budding career, who drove to meet us near our homes. All of us from a different walk of life and diverse callings, but gathering together to intercede for what He had laid upon our hearts.

Sometimes the knees just feel right. The heart is moved in such a way that humility is the emotion of the moment and there’s no place else we feel at home than down there…to get up close.

Why it took so long…I’ll never know.

As a kid, the trees were my place of prayer. I’d climb so high up, thinking no one could hear me. But I often wonder to this day if my mom could make out my muffled requests to a God I didn’t know.

But I grew. Clueless and careless and missing all the important beats that would keep me in step to a faith that would set a rhythm to my selfish life. And when adulthood slipped up on me, just as easily as if He moved cross-country, I lost His address and filled up my life with other people and other things.

Years passed and the moment came when Jesus and I became genuinely acquainted. I devoured His word, making up for lost time. But all of that studying couldn’t enlighten me enough to the true power of prayer. My words to Him became either stifled or rushed and often never bearing my heart. I was bursting of knowledge, but like a fully loaded vehicle, I had an empty tank of gas.

I was going nowhere.

And then a bomb dropped. Someone asked the question that altered my universe, “What’s your prayer life like?”

I knew the saying: God’s word on the left, prayer on the right…like the wings of a bird that keep it in flight. 

I remember it well and the expression that sat rather firmly upon her face. This woman could see into my soul at the list of withheld conversations I kept down deep, unwilling to hand over to Him. It was a tough realization.

I was a flightless bird.

In my mind, it was just so much easier to be grateful than to ask Him for anything.

Did I think He wouldn’t hear me? Not really.

Did I think He wouldn’t deliver?  Maybe.

Was I just hoping to hear His voice audibly and frightened at the possibilities or lack-thereof? I don’t know. Yes.

As if her question held God’s divine power behind it, my senses soon became heightened to answered prayers…everywhere.

I was no longer walking through life approaching my Savior with all the appeal of a bowl of cold oatmeal. I was captivated by the very essence of growing closer to Him through spoken wordsfar beyond my idea of just gleaning knowledge of His character through written words.

Prayer was the catalyst to the relationship! But it wasn’t something that just happened. I had to invest in it. I had to be all in. A regular contributor. Just me and Him…

  1. It deepens our love for God as we allow His presence into every area of our lives.
  2. It deepens our love for our neighbors as we intercede before the throne on their behalf.

In the story of The Great Commandment, Jesus is asked of which is the greatest of those commandments. His response is written in Matthew 22:37-39…

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” 

Prayer is, quite simply, the stepping-stone to the two greatest commandments we can ever keep, and our devotion is key to a life of close relationship with Him.

I invite you today to leave your prayer requests in the comments below and to take a knee as you pray for the sister in front of you. This is Kingdom work, ladies. And one that truly delivers a peace that surpasses all understanding.

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