Welcome to “31 Days of Short n’ Sweet”

The month of October is fondly known to writers as “Write 31 Days.”  Myquillyn Smith, aka The Nester, began the challenge several years ago to pen something every day for 31 days. While some of us think that might be easy peasy, it’s harder than you might think. Life gets in the way. Editing to perfection gets in the way…. And so on.

In 2014 I full-on participated in Write 31 Days and failed miserably. So in 2015, I decided to do things a little differently and micro-blog my way through the month via Instagram. I used a picture that inspired me to write a little something that was on my heart. It was quick, easy and y’all…I LOVE Instagram So. Very. Much!

#31daysofshortandsweet was the hashtag I used to capture the moments.

Find the links below for my 31 Days of writing…  And check that out, I only missed a few days in there while I spent time with my people. 😉 <3

Day 1: “My Favorite Month”

Day 2: “Life is Full”

Day 3: “My Love for Tea”

Day 4: “What’s in Your Moment”

Day 5: “Born Again”

Day 6: “To Be a Sibling…”

Day 7: “The Only Little Boy”

Day 8: “Paths”

Day 9: “In Lieu of Paris”

Day 10: “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

Day 11: “Tea Latte (Paleo style..)”

Day 12: “Meeting My Sponsored Child”

Day 13: Meeting My Sponsored Child

Day 14: “My Favorite Things”

Day 15: “Before the Tea Party”

Day 16: Enjoying family time…

Day 17: “The Road to Healing”

Day 18: “Investing”

Day 19: “Willow Tree”

Day 20: “Seasons of Green”

Day 21: “Frightfully Marvelous”

Day 22: “To Feed”

Day 23: “Discovering Grace”

Day 24: “Teachers in the Making”

Day 25: “When the Door is Locked”

Day 26: “It’s About the Reward”

Day 27: “Finding Lots in My Little”

Day 28, 29, 30: Enjoying family time…

Day 31: “In the Stillness”