kids looking for bunnyThis morning I woke up in an excruciating amount of pain. Horrible, terrible, no good pain that started behind my ear and traveled down the right side of my neck into my shoulder. It amazes me how one morning I can wake up to the tune of my thoughts playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” on my brain and the next I can barely manage to lift my head off the pillow.

Life on this earth is a never ending slough of surprises. But then again, we are a color oriented people. We love variety, right?

In all seriousness, today gave me some perspective. I saw first-hand how a neck muscle rendered my body pretty helpless. How embarrassing for me but what an awesome display of strength for that one mighty little muscle.

I certainly hope it feels accomplished, because I on the other hand am still trying to muddle my way through the daily tasks without hurting myself.

The perspective came when I stopped to think about the job of that one little muscle. It’s a much bigger job than I’d ever been able to identify with before. Why is that?

Probably because when it’s functioning as it should, with no hindrance of any kind, it works together with the rest of my body to make sure I’m getting the job done. It is then that I can care for my family. Help out friends in need. Complete my tasks at work. In the event of a bodily injury, I am not nearly as successful.

And so is the body of Christ. How often does this body suffer when one piece isn’t doing its part? How often do many of us complain and carry on about where God has us because we have been moved out of our comfort zones and then we refuse to do the work we are called to do?

Often. So often.

We are completely in tune with ourselves and our own thoughts yet we seldom see the big picture. When one part suffers, the entire body suffers. We are individuals, yes, but we are individuals that are part of purpose bigger than ourselves.

Our purpose is to come together as one unit for a single task. And that task is to hold up the head of the church…Jesus Christ.

We live in a society that tells us we have to look after number one. That we must strive to make the most money, collect the most possessions, secure the best title and for heaven’s sake – hold onto everything hence someone might try to take it away from us.

We can continuously dwell on the fact that our gifts or our purpose doesn’t seem important and then ultimately kill ourselves trying to improve upon every last bit of what God already made us to be. However, the parts that we see as weak are truly the ones that we mustn’t forget about. Even our weaknesses are a vehicle for the glory of God to be seen in a monumental way.

The puzzle might be large, but not in such a way that we won’t see the missing piece. Remember this the next time you feel inadequate. Remember this the next time you’d prefer it to be all about you.

Our purpose is greater than that…