Hold Them

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is on the word hold. I didn’t have to think long before I remembered those nights in the hospital with each of my four little ones. Daddy asleep in the wee hours of the morning and Mommy having her special moment nursing our newest addition.  Hold hasn’t changed much for me, but it’s deeper. More urgent. It takes my breath away sometimes and there’s a hurt in my chest.

…and then I remember that we do it all for a glorious reason. Training them up in the way they should go. Showing them how to love Him. How to love the world. How to hold on to Truth…




“There’s less than eight years left with the oldest one,” we tell ourselves as we stand on the hardwood one cool, late summer evening. “How did it go by so quickly?” I shake my head, partly in disbelief. Partly in sheer and utter amazement.

And I hold them a little closer to let it all sink in…

It’s a realization that you know is there, but it swiftly overtakes you. Like lying in the grass on a day when the clouds are particularly low, shadows moving across the ground like approaching giants.

Just as the giant tries to snatch Jack up for his Englishman bread, so does time snatch childhood from my babies.

And I hold them a little closer when I let it all sink in…

What was the quote? “One golden hour set with sixty diamond minutes?  No reward is offered for it is lost forever…”

Yes. That’s about right.

But is it really gone? Or is it stored up in memory to serve as the feel good that gets me through this life on earth. The satisfaction to know that I was here for a purpose even when some days I might not be able to figure that one out. Even if our mission as disciples goes no further than the carpet beneath our feet, Lord let us do well with these children. Let us show them how to love You.

And I hold them a little closer as I let it all sink in…

It’s not really gone. It’s an investment. One we cherish more so than anything else and it’s through God’s grace that we are given that privilege to hold them. To smell their freshly bathed hair. To wrap them in soft blankets and snuggle them quite silly. To teach them about the One who loves them more than anything they will ever encounter.

The One that will hold them closer than I ever could…



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