sat at the lord's feet

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is on the word visit.

It took me some time to feel ready to write this week. I think of visit and I want to express so many things. Being visited by friends. Visiting places I’ve never been. Having visits from old thoughts that use to plague my mind.

There are many.

Some I embrace. Some I’d rather show the door. And some…I didn’t even recognize for years. Not until I learned to hear that soft voice from the One who visited when I needed it the most. Those visits bring forgiveness, healing, strength, peace…grace.

Those are the ones I love the most.




The best time spent is typically never planned. As much as I love having that agenda written down before me I have to agree that those “chance” visits are the ones that stand out the most.

Maybe the counters haven’t been wiped down after dinner just yet. Or the tea kettle’s gone cold. But it only takes a moment to push the mess aside and warm the kettle up again.

We pull up chairs and make comfort out of just about any place. And then we sip, and relish, and cackle like hens who only wish they could do the same.

But maybe the visit isn’t face-to-face at all. It could be a visit over text. A time to unwind at the end of a long day when we throw on our comfiest clothes and sit back and let our hands throw out words in midair that are captured on the other end.

Sometimes my response is long and they say “I write a book.”

I say “But I just love to visit.”

And then there are visits that aren’t from friends at all. No extended family. No husband or kids…

This visit happens in silence. Stepping softly, seldom audible for me. But I hear Him, nonetheless. I’ve been offered a place at a table and I sit before a King. I take the bread and the cup and I remember.

Remember Who became the meal.

And so I visit with the One who nourishes me as I accept this invitation.

One who tells me I will never be hungry again. 



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