At the end of each month, Emily P. Freeman offers up a link-up to post a bit about what we learned for the month. It can be serious. It can be funny. Something useful…or perhaps just some new perception on just about anything. The idea is to just get it out there for someone else to glean or enjoy.

Won’t you join me?

Weather patterns continue to be ridiculously unpredictable. The snow seems to dodge the living daylights out of Missouri and settle in places like…Texas?  Really? My kids are miffed beyond all miffable experiences that they had no snow days (from school) this winter. I’m sure this craziness in weather will bring with it a summer hot enough to cook chicken on the driveway.

Mark. My. Words.

Disappointed, no-snow-day faces will instill a wanderlust for the weary mama. I’m overcome with the desire to travel this time of year. It must have something to do with the fact that I always traveled with my parents the week of MLK Jr.’s birthday. So once January is behind me and February rolls around, even after all these years, I’m feeling kinda itchy to get on a plane and fly to… Does it matter? Anywhere with a bed I don’t have to make and a box of Calgon for a bathtub I don’t have to clean.

I tried to ignore Voxer. I did. But it’s Karrilee’s fault. During the IF:Gathering a few weeks back I found myself stumbling around Twitter (which is normally how I seem to navigate over there) and I bumped into my soon to be Jumping Tandem roomie, Karrilee Aggett. She introduced me to the wonderful world of Voxer and invited me into one of the coolest IF:Gathering sessions on the interwebs. If you want to know how I know it was one of the coolest…well…you’ll just have to trust me.   😉

Fair Trade Friday rocks my socks off. You probably already know this because I kind of don’t shut up about it but I LOVE IT! (Thank you Kristen Welch!!) Most of the items I don’t keep for myself (ok, that’s a lie…I keep about half). The rest are gifted to those who are on my heart or are saved to be gifted later. Just in case you didn’t catch my Instagram post, here is my favorite item:


Ice Road Truckers is real. I know. I’m always the last to know these things. And truthfully, I’ve known this show has been on for years but I’ve never been big on watching much TV and certainly not reality TV. But as we surfed around on the History Channel app one night looking for free shows to watch we stumbled upon this one. If you can ignore some of the bleepity bleep bleeping going on here and there between some of these nutjobs courageous individuals and just follow it for a few moments your anxiety level will rival that of…watching a tightrope walker with no net. Over the Grand Canyon. Blindfolded. During a chronic sneezing fit.

Or maybe it’s just me. But I had to get up and do things because I was getting so anxious watching them drive across that ice in extremely heavy modes of transportation.

…and let’s be fair. They’re not nutjobs. I’m just a chicken and you couldn’t pay me enough to drive across ice for 4 hours where one little mistake would cause me to plunge 285 feet to my freezing cold death.

Alright. They are nutjobs. I’m entitled to my opinion.

University of Missouri Hospital has nourishing restrooms. Don’t believe me. Well, check out the sign..?


Cancer sucks. And maybe that’s a little extreme for a faith based blog, but it does. I’ve shed more tears than I’d like to count over the last week because of cancer. One of my dearest friends and spiritual mama found out that she will be battling cancer once again. Without diving into too many details here on the blog without her permission, I just ask that we end this post on a serious note. I ask for prayers for my friend and for the journey ahead. She is an amazing woman and I just don’t know where my faith would be without her. She’s been a pillar of encouragement and a source of wisdom and reason for me when I’ve been at my lowest. I am grateful for her presence in my life and the Truth that she speaks over me. I love you, Glenda! God’s got this!

me and glenda